Boys humiliate white twinks

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  • float and enticing her to ride it herself in an attempt to ultimately humiliate her. She is also the younger sister of Sunflower. However, on the day
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  • with an older sister named Misty and four younger siblings named Amber, Twink, Rusty, and an unnamed baby brother. Her flank symbol is a piece of blue
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  • c--t face," i.e., "discards his f---ing face" diū liǎn (丟臉) = disgrace; humiliating (lit. "discarded face") niángniangqiāng (Chinese: 娘娘腔) is a pejorative
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  • Shirley and Jeff met when they were 12 and 10, respectively. Shirley humiliated Jeff by beating him so badly in a foosball game that he urinated all over
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